Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Soft Pack @ Bowery Ballroom - Friday, October 2

On Friday I went home and drank a bunch of orange Fanta with vodka which made me feel like I was back in college because it tasted like rubbing alcohol with a tinge of fake fruit. Then I ventured back out to see The Soft Pack and threw myself up against the stage. Being in the front row makes you feel like the show is being put on just for you. Check out their MySpace page and turn up "Nightlife" close your eyes and dance. The show was wondrous and raw. The band formerly known as the Muslims looked nerdy and innocent but played wild and free. I love The Soft Pack and I think if they knew me - they'd love me too.

Oct 8*The Cavern*Dallas, Texas
Oct 9*Walter’s on Washington*Houston, Texas
Oct 10*Emo’s Jnr w/ WAVVES*Austin, Texas
Oct 16*Casbah w/ WAVVES*San Diego, California
Oct 17*Echoplex w/ WAVVES*Los Angeles, California
Nov 3*King Tuts*Glasgow, UK
Nov 4*Ruby Lounge*Manchester, UK
Nov 5*Barfly*London, UK
Nov 6*La Cigale*Paris, France

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