Friday, October 2, 2009

Unfunny Comedian Circles Drain, Admits Wrongdoing to Applause

Well. So it looks as though David Letterman, who is married and has a child, has been having sex with staffers.

This came out last night (and earlier when he testified in front of a grand jury), when it was revealed that someone with knowledge of the affairs threatened to make them public.

It's not clear whether the women were coerced (he was their boss, so there's some inherent coercion there), but the relationships seem inappropriate. Maybe the guy has an open marriage, who knows.

The weirdest thing was how the audience applauded throughout his statement, as though he were telling a joke, and the positive reaction peaked when he actually admitted to having sex with female subordinates. It's as though the entire audience were patting him on the back and high fiving him for fucking his way through the staff.

Pretty gross.

But if someone who worked in the mailroom had fucked his way through Letterman's staff? That's a feat worthy of applause.


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna fuck my way to the bottom!!

Anonymous said...

Why is it more gross to sleep down than up? Blackmail is disgusting. The audience reaction is a bit bizarre, but kudos to Letterman for facing his demons on air.

Anonymous said...

I'm DISGUSTED by the outpour of support for Letterman! He used power to get naive employees to sleep with his crusty ass. And the spin "Letterman extortion plot", poor guy got extorted.

Anonymous said...

Yo not even pro Letterman like that, but really? How many people use power for worse than sex #1 and #2 you have no idea if the relationships were consensual or not. Get a good job, do some bad things and let's talk

Anonymous said...

this one I like.
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