Friday, October 23, 2009

Spike Jonze and Kanye West Get Really Weird

Fresh off his victory? failure? with Where The Wild Things Are (haven't seen it, but I've heard people talking pretty passionately on either side of the issue), Spike Jonze made his internet release of We Were Once A Fairytale starring Kanye West as... himself?

Weighing in at about 11 minutes, it's a bit long for a web video, but doesn't feel like it.

I don't want to spoil the ending, but maybe we can have a talk about it in the comments. Anyone? What does it mean? Or maybe just... what does it mean *to you*?

Update: Reader Hannah M. points out that the NY Times had a brief sitdown with Mr. Jonze regarding the short film here.


clanchatti said...

I think it's Kanye trying to "kill" his ego?

Anonymous said...

David Hasselhoff's movie was wayy better

Robert Dobbs said...

That's an interesting idea. That the physical manifestation of his ego wouldn't be a big bombastic idiot, but a tiny, meek mouse, barely able to stand on it's own... That the source of the ego issues is, perhaps, feelings of smallness, helplessness, and a desperate need to fight back against those feelings in the biggest, loudest way possible.

So. Why rose petals for vomit?

Royal Young said...

Is the biggest, loudest way possible a drunken celebrity experience in a no-name club where we are privy only to an average wasted night with no personal revelation? Where is the conflict? The confession? The putting Kanye out on a limb? Spike Jonze should film us on a Tuesday Bob ;)

Anonymous said...

wonderfully bad college art film.

Hannah Miet said...

Check this:

I saw the same thing as cianchatti. But I think Kanye's alter-egomaniac-ego is a bit too close to his actual-ego for comfort. The film just made me feel...weird.

-Hannah M.