Friday, October 2, 2009

Voices Revealed: God's Desire

On Friday nights, teachers always sleep, especially in these cozy days of fall. So after a bubble bath I turned on my fav digital converter TV show, Dateline. The subject, Jaycee, now renamed (um, my first name) was abducted 18 years ago by Phillip Garrido. Garrido, a convicted sex offender, registered on Megan's List repeatedly called police due to paranoid schizophrenia which only developed later. And, like all the rest of us, he kept a blog!

He also loved composing creepy, eerie good music. A friend once made me a Charles Manson tape in college. I couldn't listen to it, just like I couldn't listen to this. “Every pretty face, in the human race, being abused, and used as devices,” went one of Garrido’s songs, played in frantic rockabilly style.

Garrido believes that this story, which will be world wide, will have a "really beautiful ending, just wait and see."
The latest news, the corpse of a little girl in his backyard.

Yes, I read all those serial killer books, I'm the neo Nancy Grace, and I enjoyed my night in.

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Anonymous said...

Creepy lyrics, fucked up dude