Wednesday, October 21, 2009


To make a house a home, I remember one of those wooden wall hangings on the wall of my room as a child. It had a list of rules on how to make a house a home. They made no sense, is what I mostly remember. But somehow, that house became home.
I know it's a recurring theme, this house into home nonsense. How does someone turn four walls and a roof above them into some abstract notion of comfort and belonging? Well recently, I've been a little bit concerned (read:obsessed) with what's happening on the home front. And I've found something that can make any house home. Design-worthy wallpaper!
No seriously, hear me out. These two wallpaper designers will have you redecorating in no time... I'm about to do so myself.
First up we have Dan Funderburgh, who takes old damask type prints and completely reinvents them.

(You can buy these at Flavor Paper opening soon in Brooklyn)

And then we have Katie Deedy

(You can buy these and more fun designs at Grow House Grow)

Happy Home-making!



Anonymous said...

Dan Funderburgh is a great artist too. I already own his Death From Above wallpaper and have it up on one side of my studio. Also, funny last name.

Anonymous said...

i loooove the octopussy design by katie. these are actually nice but i don't know if i can cover a whole room with it

Anonymous said...

Some of these would be great as accents. The ones with the scissors and knives should be in cooking schools and salons as an accent to the walls. Funderburgh is also a design artist in his own right, when not making wallpaper.

Anonymous said...

Where can I get cowboy boots like the one in the first Deedy pic? said...

This won't succeed as a matter of fact, that's exactly what I consider.