Friday, October 2, 2009


As an "inner city" high school teacher I was thrilled last year when I found a novel all my 9th graders wanted to read, "Push." I found the author was a teacher like me, who published a biographical book after teaching GED to adults (what I am doing now). I started shaking with excitement when I saw Sapphire, the author, at the Park Slope food co-op , shopping, where she and I are both members (the book is for sale there too. I could write a novel on the bugout that is that place, but overall, join). I didn't have the chutzpah to teach "Push" to my kids because of the deeply disturbing material, but was psyched when I saw Mimi on Oprah talking about the movie! Or was I? I LOVE Sapphire and I am so happy for her movie option, but when the big O gets on it, I always get irked. O is also all about Chris Rock's "Good Hair" which was been done by someone called Maya Angelou, but he's Chris Rock and I'll probs see it.

Anyhoo, mazeltov to Sapphire!, PSFC member and artist/teacher who turned pain to inspiration, and "made one of the worst experiences into one of the most beautiful" to quote another talented writer.


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