Monday, September 14, 2009

The Bizz

When I decided that I would cover last Thursday’s Fashion's Night Out, my heart started racing. The evening was equivalent to letting me loose in a 10,000 square foot shoe store and telling me that I have three minutes to find my single favorite pair. There just isn’t enough time to see everything being offered.
(Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron at Dior signing the September Issue of Vogue by Jakes)

Instead of playing meet-up with the girls and losing valuable time trying to find one another in the crowds, I decided to fly solo. The only partner by my side was my friend Jakes, Creative Photographer from Hamptons International Media (HIM Photo), who knows exactly how to get those unforgettable money shots. This was not a night for my burgundy-colored Coolpix camera.

Being that Jakes is originally from South Africa, our first stop was Dior where Charlize Theron (a South African beauty) hosted the evening as the new face of J’adore and signed the September issue of Vogue magazine whose cover she graces. The highlight was Anna Wintour’s appearance, walking up to Charlize, whispering something in her ear and then quickly drifting away.

(Charlize Theron and Anna Wintour by Jakes)

The Purple Event
Instead of continuing from store to store, although we did pop into Miu Miu for a few minutes to check out television personality, Alexa Chung, finding a party where several designers and personalities were all in one place seemed like the best option.

With that, we headed to the Sony Atrium for an evening of food and fashion to raise funds for The Anita Kaufmann Foundation’s Fifth Grade Epilepsy Education Program. More than sixty designers including Nicole Miller, Nannette Lepore, MaxMara and Elie Tahari were featured on the catwalk worn by stars like New Jersey Net Devin Harris, The Real Housewives of New York City, Alex McCord, and American Idol recording artist, Elliot Yamin. The evening was hosted by The Bachelorette’s, Jillian Harris.

( The Bachlorette's Jillian Harris wore Bibhu Mohapatra as she hosted The Purple Event, a benefit for The Anita Kaufmann Foundation, a public charity dedicated to raising awareness about epilepsy and seizures. Copyright Anna Thiessen)

(The Bachelorette's Jillian Harris and Pomp & Circumstance's Lori Bizzoco by Jakes)

I had the opportunity to go back stage and ask Jillian the burning, dying question on every women’s mind, “Where did you get those fabulous boots you wore on the show?” In her raspy voice she excitedly answered, “They’re mine. I got the red ones at Aldo and the brown ones at Frye.” She was so down-to-earth with such a charming personality, I could see why she had so many suitors on the show. In the matter of minutes, I wanted to be her friend too. Affordable wear in a style that’s her own, that’s what viewers want to hear. She even admitted some felt “too pageantry” so she brought in her own pieces too.

As Jakes and I made our way through the line of models waiting in line to go on stage, we noticed our favorite twin brothers were part of the show, Garry and Jason Clemmons. The Purple Event had celebrities and designers teaming together to bring guests the hottest purple-inspired fashion runway show of the night.

(The Clemmons Twins, Garry and Jason by Anna Thiessen)

(Jamie Paetz and American Idol recording artist, Elliot Yamin by Anna Thiessen)

(Retired-NBA player, A.C. Green by Anna Thiessen)

(The Real New York Housewives, Alex McCord ends the show by Anna Thiessen)

Our last stop on the runway trail was at our good friend Catherine Malandrino. We were greeted with open arms from Hope and the ladies. I splurged on a new belt. After all, the goal of the night is to boost our economy by shopping.

For eats: Almonds
We left the shopping districts and made our way to the Flatiron to pay tribute to Almonds, the Hamptons-inpired restaurant, which did a reverse commute this year by opening in New York City.

We said our final good-bye to summer as we opened our arms to Fall.

- Lori Bizzoco


That's HIM said...

Wow Lori, that's an amazing blog, good work!! Your writing's excellent:)) It was so much fun teaming up with you for this one, really enjoyed working with you, you know your stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

Love these blogs. Please don't stop. I feel like I'm right there with you enjoying the night. I also liked that you didn't ask the obvious question about Jillian (Ed). You focused on her fashion sense for fashion week-now that's a smart writer!

Sheila Frank said...

Where did you find the photos for the event? I was one of the designers ;) Sheila Frank and I'm having a hard time finding info.


Anonymous said...

The best coverage of Fashion's Night Out I have yet to see.

Anonymous said...

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