Monday, September 21, 2009

obama obama obama poll?

Is anyone else, like, a little OUTRAGED that Obama wants to tax people who don't have health insurance? I am hanging on to mine by a thread, and the millions who can't afford it will be penalized for not being able to afford it. I don't get the logic.
What do you think?
It kind of makes me want to shout "You Lie", which incidentally was the greatest thing to happen to politics since the fistfights in Asia and shoe throwing in Iraq. Ain't nothin wrong with being passionate Joe, but I'm still not giving you cash.


Anonymous said...

I think Obama's healthcare is wack

Robert Dobbs said...

The Dobbs household is sinking under the weight of student loans and basic living expenses. Any additional demands from the government would send my family, shaking and shivering, back to our parents' house, at which point we would probably declare bankruptcy and give up on life for a while.

Anonymous said...

I NEED money!