Monday, September 7, 2009

NYC Street Fashion 9/7/09

I asked this guy if I could get a quick shot of his getup and without saying a word he simply froze in mid-stride, hence the slightly awkward pose. I bet he was listening to the Smiths. Do you see the tattoos peeking out on the tops of his hands? Next year I'll have to catch him in the dead of summer so I can see all the ink.

What a killer outfit she had! And the hair! Fantastic, right? It's not often you see people rocking out like this in broad daylight, even in the city, so it's a rare treat and certainly worthy of a quick snapshot. I'm not sure she appreciated the sentiment, but I think her gesture really completes the outfit.

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Anonymous said...

She's probably really cranky from the labor day weekend partying and you were just trying to give her fame.