Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Always Sunny

I was sitting at home, contemplating whether I should mop or start making a stew, when Pomp asked me if I could go to a red carpet event and interview the cast from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." YES! 

The only thing I could think of to ask anybody was what they wanted to be for Halloween. Then a British girl from the UK Press Association showed up. And another hot mama from CBS. I was wedged into a corner next to a hilarious guy from The Comic's Comic. If either of us had tried to move, it would have looked like we were dancing in a rap video.

At that exact moment the cast showed up. Rob McElhenney, the show's creator who also plays the character Mac, loves working with his wife Kaitlin Olsen, who plays Sweet Dee. He said "The good thing is, I work really long hours, and I still get to spend time with my wife." But more interesting is that his credit card got rejected at a pants store in Boston because he'd been spending so much money there that his Los Angeles bank assumed somebody had stolen his identity. 

Charlie Day, who plays Charlie and is credited as also being a writer and executive producer for the show, seemed a little offended when the lady in front of me asked him if he was "a funny person in real life." He responded "No, I'm a funny imaginary person." Kaitlin Olsen apologized profusely for being late and said she felt like such an asshole. She was hilarious. I had so many questions I wanted to ask her about the show, working with Larry David, and studying with the Groundlings. 

Although everybody was down-to-earth and really funny, the high point of the evening was definitely Danny DeVito, with stubble, glasses, and a lust for Limoncello. Talking about improv with the lady to the left of me, he said "I would never do anything to hurt anyone...I would only do things to make someone feel really good," and gave her a look.

A high point for the next season will be a guest appearance by Rowdy Roddy Piper, in an episode wherein The Gang tries to raise money for charity with a wrestling contest. And things are only going to continue to get more hilariously offensive, if that's humanly possible.

-Emerald Catron
(Photos by Amanda Segur)
Entertainment Editor: Lori Bizzoco


Anonymous said...

Hysterical write-up! Excellent photos. So timely. Loving Pomp.

Anonymous said...

HOTness! I love this show

Anonymous said...

that nigga danny is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

ha! i loved this!!!

Danika said...

love the pics babe! did you tell charlie i love him?