Friday, September 4, 2009

Kurt Cobain's Decaying Corpse Resurrected For Fun And Profit

A staple of the Dobb's house videogame diet is Guitar Hero. Well, it's more Rock Band these days, as the lady loves to play the drums, but we do have three guitar controllers and GH 1, 2, & 3.

Guitar Hero 3 introduced celebrity appearances, including Slash from Guns n Roses.

Well, one of our favorite rock & roll mascots from our teen years, Kurt Cobain, has been digitally recreated from his Unplugged performance and can now sing any track from Guitar Hero 5. Bon Jovi? Megadeth? Public Enemy? Yes, yes, and yes.

Kurt Cobain will now dance around for your amusement, courtesy of Neversoft & Activision.


Anonymous said...

that is fucking sick! not in a good way, in a sick way.

Anonymous said...

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